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What is a Lumper and why are Lumpers used anyway? Where did a silly word like “lumper” come from?

Lumpers are utilized at the receiving dock to expedite the breakdown and palletizing of the inbound freight. The freight is broke down by item code and rack height. Lumpers are used at any high volume receiving dock such as grocery distribution centers.

The origins of the word lumper is shrouded in mystery yet will be explained here!
In the 1800’s, the Irish and Scottish ate a lot of potatoes. This was their staple food, as potatoes grew well in the rocky soil there. These were an adventurous people and their large fleet of ships took them to many other countries. When they sailed out of port they always carried a lot of potatoes. Not only for food on the voyage, but the potato was one of their main items of trade with other countries.

Now, back in those days they did not enjoy modern things like boxes, bags and crates. To handle the potatoes, they would lay down a square of burlap and lay the potatoes on it. Then tie the corners together to make a bundle. When the departure of the ship was at hand, extra help was needed at the loading docks to load the ship with all these bundles of potatoes. The local terminology for these bundles was: a lump of potatoes. Hence the extra help were referred to as “the lumpers”. Lumpers were utilized to expedite the loading of the ship at the loading docks.

Elite Services wants to be your lumper service!

Elite Services excels at unloading freight and we enjoy doing so. Also, we don’t have corporate headquarters or officers, so layers of management have been removed. These savings are passed along to our customers and employees. We will meet and even beat any competitors’ rates, because if it can be done cheaper and better, then we will do it! And of course, we will discount our services initially to ensure a smooth transition between lumping companies.

I know that using Elite Services will improve your bottom line. And I urge you to give us a try!

We have built everlasting relationships with our clients and their carriers and wish to do the same with you. Our management team is on site and empowered; no need to make several phone calls to get answers or problems solved. We have an in-house training program for OSHA and safety compliance. Weekly safety meetings allow us to keep the whole crew informed and current on any safety issues. We want everyone to just go home safe at the end of the day, and we have a safety record that shows it!

Please browse our web site to learn more about our services, and why Elite Services is Colorado’s #1 in-house lumper services provider!

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